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Sling TV: Best of Live TV for $20 per month

Take Back Control with Sling TV.

Sling is everything you love about TV for a fraction of the price you’d expect to pay. It’s the best channels including ESPN, TNT, TBS, Disney Channel, and more for just $20/mo. It’s the latest episodes of your favorite shows and hot new movies on-demand.

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TV used to be great.

But things have changed. Over time, the shows we loved became channels we never watch. Small bills became huge. Simple became complicated. We’ve been bundled, price-gouged, overburdened with rental equipment and insulted by terrible customer service.

Enough is enough.
  • It’s time to say goodbye to the way TV used to be.
  • It’s time to watch instantly, not wait for the installation guy.
  • It’s time for the best of live sports, hit shows and the latest movies—for $20 a month— not $120.
  • It’s time for everything you love about TV, minus everything you hate.
  • It’s time to say hello to the best damn thing to happen to TV in the last twenty years.
It's time to Take Back TV.
It's time for Sling.

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