'Cut the Cord' to Cable TV & Save an average of $75/mo.

Want Better Tv for Less Money?

Are you Ready to Cut the Cord?

Tired of cable or satellite price increases and poor service? With streaming TV, you now have options! But how do you make sense of all the different hardware and services?

The Cord Cutter will provide an easy, modern, exact replacement TV solution that will save an average of $75/mo. so it pays for itself!

“Americans are Cord Cutting in record numbers, and it’s not slowing down anytime soon.” — Forbes

Our exclusive Cord Cutter algorithm is the product of years of research and development. It will sort through the bewildering array of streaming options to find a solution that provides the exact channels and programs you want, at the lowest cost.

When it comes to entertainment, everyone is different. Our cord cutting analyst will work with you to understand your needs and explain all of the options that are available. Then they will create a customized solution just for you.

We will answer all of your questions and train you how to use your new TV solution. We pride ourselves in being able to make anyone comfortable and proficient in this new technology.

“It’s official: 2020 is Cord Cutting’s pivotal moment.”— The Motley Fool

After the sale we will continue to be there. If you have technical problems or need to add or change a service, we can provide remote support.

Cable Customers lost

Cable companies lost 17.6 million US subscribers while Streaming TV services added more than 600 million!

Streaming Customers

The Cord Cutter is the only company with a complete cable or satellite replacement solution. This is the result of working with dozens of real world TV clients over the last 7 years. Our team has been providing technical service for 34 years to individuals, small and large companies including Apple Computer, Abbott Labs and Motorola.

The Customer Problem

Cable and Satellite is expensive with poor customer service and no custom channel options. Streaming services are complex and it is difficult to create custom packages without compromising on cost or channels.

The Customized Solution

Our Streaming TV service provides all the desired channels over existing internet connection. Get exactly what is wanted, without overpaying! Easy, modern, and an exact channel replacement saves an average of $75/mo.


The Streaming Shop

Our cord cutting analyst will create a custom TV solution for you.  We will use special software and our experience to create a package that contains all of the channels and sports you want at the lowest price. Then we will configure an Amazon Firestick with all of your preferences and ship it to you.  Includes 90 days of phone support.


We will configure an Amazon Firestick with all of your preferences and ship it to you. Includes 90 days of phone support.  Combined with our Streaming Solution for 1 TV you will have everything you need to cancel your cable or satellite service!


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Everybody used to have a TV antenna on their roofs. I’m not sure why nearly everyone has gone to cable and satellite. Maybe because there is perception that the digital signal is better quality.

Winegard HD 8200U

Since June of 2009 that is no longer true. All US TV stations now broadcast digital content using the new ATSC or digital TV (DTV) standard.

It is a little known fact that with the right equipment you can actually get a better picture over the air (OTA) than with cable or satellite. Because the OTA signal is not compressed it is actually a better quality picture. Because it is digital you will no longer get snowy or poor pictures. If you have enough signal the picture will be perfect.

Another misconception is that you need a special antenna and TV to receive this new standard. The truth is any TV antenna can receive an ATSC signal. There really is no such thing as a HDTV or digital TV antenna.  And you don’t need a HDTV either.

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