'Cut the Cord' to Cable TV & Save an average of $75/mo.

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The Problem

Cable & satellite providers have been acting like monopolies. They hook us with low promotional pricing & then repeatedly raise the price. Their customer service is terrible, making them some of the most hated corporations in America.

The Solution

Streaming TV provides all of the channels and sports teams you already love, over your existing Internet connection. This easy, modern, exact replacement saves an average of $75 per mo. so it pays for the upgrade, usually in just a few months!


Cable and satellite TV providers are outdated dinosaurs that are slowly dying. They keep raising prices like you have no other choice. But six years ago the first streaming TV provider started their service. Every day since then 17,000 people have canceled their cable and satellite TV service.

The average cable bill has grown 52% in 3 years. Most cable TV subscribers watch 15 channels but pay for 190, costing them an extra $900 per year. 4 out of 5 customers wish they could just pay for the channels they watch.

“Americans are Cord Cutting in record numbers, and it’s not slowing down anytime soon.” Forbes

But Cord Cutting can be complicated. There are many streaming services and the channels and pricing are changing all of the time. Those of us over 30 can be intimidated by new technology or too busy to look into it.

The Cord Cutter makes streaming easy. Our dedicated analyst will work with you to understand what you like to watch. Then we will look at every available service to find a solution that provides the channels and sports teams you want at the lowest cost.

You will get the same channel guide and DVR that you are used to. But now you will have an easy modern interface and save an average of $75/mo. We will work with you every step of the way and if you are not completely satisfied you are covered by a money-back guarantee.

“Cord Cutting... is only going to accelerate and probably at a much faster rate than is widely thought.” Tim Cook, Apple

We have TV solutions for all budgets starting at $0/month! We also install TV antennas and TV mounts. Call us with all of your TV questions and we will be happy to help.

Cable Customers lost

Cable companies lost 17.6 million US subscribers while Streaming TV services added more than 600 million!

Streaming Customers

You can have better TV and save an average $900/year.

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The Cord Cutter is the only company with a complete cable or satellite replacement solution. This is the result of working with dozens of real world TV clients over the last 7 years. Our team has been providing technical service for 34 years to individuals, small and large companies including Apple Computer, Abbott Labs and Motorola.

The Streaming Shop

Our cord cutting analyst will create a custom TV solution for you.  We will use special software and our experience to create a package that contains all of the channels and sports you want at the lowest price. Then we will configure an Amazon Firestick with all of your preferences and ship it to you.  Includes 90 days of phone support.


We will configure an Amazon Firestick with all of your preferences and ship it to you. Includes 90 days of phone support.  Combined with our Streaming Solution for 1 TV you will have everything you need to cancel your cable or satellite service!